​​JJ intends to avenge the needless demise of his family.
Working from the inside of a large insurance conglomerate, he designs a plan.
Top executives are kidnapped in a daring daylight operation.
Secrets are revealed over subsequent days as each is interrogated.
Who will survive? And will JJ find peace, or will he too be sacrificed in his quest for corporate justice?”


Markus Doppler, a commitment-shy retired detective, in search of a serial killer who finds a website called ‘Cheaters’ to target his victims, ironically uses the site in this quest and finds true love, a beautiful woman called Penelope.
Four suspects loom large. Then a breakthrough occurs and Markus Doppler believes he has finally nailed the perpetrator. But before he can act the killer kidnaps Penelope and sets out to bargain with Doppler for her life.
Will Doppler be able to save her and capture the killer? Or will her life or his principles suffer?


Markus Doppler, an ex-cop, is recruited to find the killer of four brutally murdered people. It appears that the victims may have been involved with a financial scam. It turns out to be more complex and Markus must track the killer before he kills a colleague who is also his latest lover.


Political journalist Nick Hunter suddenly loses his memory. He can’t find his wallet, his computer password or even his name. When it comes to women it’s even more confusing. Does he have a lover or a wife?
It doesn’t get any easier when he realises his life is in danger as he’s been researching a story on corruption at the highest level of political life. Things get even stickier once Nick has a 6-shooter out of his safety deposit box and in his hand, ready to fire in his own defence.
Set in the northern and eastern suburbs of Sydney where coffee and sex are almost too freely available, this story will sharpen your senses and set your crime thriller compass on true course.


A police cruiser chases two thieves who veer off the highway and head for a corner where the traffic lights show red. The robbers ignore the stop signal and smash into a young couple – Kurt and Lynda. Lynda dies but Kurt is taken to hospital with head injuries. He is in a coma for six hours. After being released from hospital, Kurt discovers he has a gift. He can transport himself into the future and sample it for a brief time, for the period he was unconscious – exactly six hours. When, in the future, the six hours expire, he disappears from that period and the people around have no idea what has happened. On one occasion Kurt tries to transport himself into the past to save Lynda but fails.


A Russian Dating Agency sends Mail Order Brides to vulnerable wealthy men. Svetlana is one such woman – beautiful, skilled and alluring – who is sent to Timothy Mason.
Markus Doppler is hired by Timothy’s sister to find him when he goes missing. Svetlana’s runner, Dimitrov, has killed him as well as Timothy’s daughter to ensure the inheritance goes solely to Svetlana.
Markus, through his investigation, forms a love/hate connection with Svetlana. His search for the serial killer intensifies when Markus’ love, Penelope, is murdered.
Dimitrov discovers that Svetlana has betrayed him. He breaks into Svetlana’s home and kills the police woman posted as security. Having bound Svetlana’s naked body to a chair, ready for torture, Dimitrov is confronted by an outraged Markus who carries out his brand of justice.


Ed has been hired to kill Bart, a very wealthy old man, and to make it look like an accident. The paymaster is one of Bart’s five children all of whom stand to inherit a fortune. Ed, an odd jobs man, agrees to the mission because he needs money to pay off gambling debts. As Ed was married to Bart’s niece, he got to know all of Bart’s five children. Ed gets into Bart’s house and confronts the man. They talk and Ed reveals his mission but he doesn’t go through with the murder.
However, Bart is eventually murdered and the police suspect Ed who needs to find the killer first.

The heirs


A heavy vehicle smashesd into four people dining on a street cafe on busy chatswood.

Detective Inspector Brock Larsen has been called to investigate.

Were all four victims the target or just one of them?
A search for the killer leads the Homicide team to a variety of potential suspects.

During the investigation, Larsen and each of his team members also need to tackle their individual love issues.

The Woman Who Always Wore Black

Many people wish they could be younger or, at least, not continue to age. Ethan Stone believed this and carried out experiments to invent a pill to achieve such a result. However, this brought him no end of grief. Others wanted the formula, and some were prepared to kill to get it. A woman, a woman who only wore black and who hid a deep secret, was so desperate to obtain the anti-ageing pill, not for herself but for another she cared about that she would do almost anything to obtain it. Who will prevail in the quest for eternal youth? Murder, kidnapping, love, hate all play a part in this tale of want. However, Bart is eventually murdered and the police suspect Ed who needs to find the killer first.

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