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The Latest Novel

The Bigamist

“Harry Boulton, a successful consultant for a global corporation, finds himself in a downward spiral after losing a substantial sum of money gambling and being fired from his job in Brussels. The added pressure of receiving a letter from his wife in New York asking for a child only compounds his stress. With mounting debts to a dangerous loan shark known as Spider and the weight of two marriages to navigate, Harry reaches the brink of despair and makes a devastating decision.
But just as he is about to pull the trigger, fate intervenes and gives him a second chance. Determined to turn his life around, Harry takes on a new job and sets out to make amends with the two women in his life. However, when his wives unexpectedly meet in Sydney, where he has found a fresh start, the stage is set for a heart-pounding confrontation that could determine the rest of Harry’s days.
Harry’s journey is a thrilling roller coaster ride of personal redemption, filled with twists and turns that will leave readers on the edge of their seats. With a gripping plot, dynamic characters, and intense action, this book explores the limits of love, loyalty, and the human spirit.”